Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

For all users that are browsing this website, we simply collect IP addresses. For users that have signed in, we collect your full name attached to your Google account, your email address, and IP address. User information is immediately collected upon login of this website. We also collect information regarding which courses you have created, which courses you have completed, and which lessons you have viewed.

All transactions to pages and API calls are logged.

All information that we collect will not be publically displayed with the exception of your full name.

Information We Use

We use IP addresses to monitor users that may be abusing website protocols. Your full name attached to your account is used to add an author to course posts. Your email address will be used in the case of verifying your status as a student or a professor of a college or university. Logged transactions are used to help members of the developer team find and solve issues that occur.

Third Parties

We do not disclose non-public information to other parties.